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My heart scattered to pieces as you told me yet another lie

You love me , yeah I love you too

You make you seem like a fairy tale

I used to live in it not realizing it were fading away

It was not real it was all promises

I’m just the blessed child who survived death

The second best never really the big deal

I’m not really there cause you never really fought for me

You thought it were best to give up on me cause I was really not like you

They call me vibrant

But they forget I even have a heart

Cried myself to sleep thinking I was not good enough to be called your other half

But now I know

I’m nothing but a memory

Promises promises

I try to bury myself but I keep on hearing your voice inside of me

And every time I listen my heart breaks even more

Cause no matter how much I would like to believe you

You disappoint me even more



Published by Kwaksy

I'm a writer and a talker with a bubbly personality. I am a radio personality on DYR105.1

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