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The one- episode 3

Sibekezelo didn’t show up at the office he was feeling rather too sick to show his face and he was rather ashamed of himself. Soon his parents would see how much of a failure he was , and to his disgust his brother would not make him forget about this humiliation.

He couldn’t even meet a decent girl who wasn’t like the girls here in Durban who only cared about parties, fashion and flashy things: “a good girl that wants me for me, not what I own” he thought as he went, walking slowly enjoying the aroma of his coffee that he was nursing.

This was his favorite coffee shop that served good quality coffees that made a person come back for more. Eyes on his coffee he bumped into something warm and fragile that made him spill his coffee.

Irritated about a good coffee going to waste, he straightened himself as he stretched his hand to the woman in front of him who was now smeared with coffee. “I am very sorry mam about that” he said apologetically as he gave her his handkerchief monogrammed S.K. “it’s okay you don’t have to apologize these things happen” the lady answered as she walked right passed him. Shocked at what had happened, he had expected her to shout at him, swear at him even but no, she was polite, humble and down to earth.

He closed his eyes and opened them again to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. “Wow, do women like her still exist” he thought as he followed her, “Mam please let me assist you”. “No, it’s okay” she said smiling at him assuring him that there was nothing to worry about. “I insist. Besides I’m the one who bathed you with coffee” he said show-casing his apologetic smile. She shrugged, finally giving in to his offer. When she finally appeared wearing a pair of clean clothes and looking more beautiful than ever he watched her as she made her way to the couch he was sitting on.

She was graceful and calm. He had never seen a creature so fair and innocent “I see you traded my coffee scent for roses”  he said arching his eyebrow and as she laughed a silent laugh that made his head spin like a ball being kicked in different directions. That is how she was making him feel. “I’m Sibekezelo” he said, after a moment. “And I’m Ntombi” she said revealing her pearly white teeth. He was lost in her. She was the perfect woman he didn’t want this day to end, he was in heaven.

“I’m sure you don’t want coffee again, after that…” he said as he presented a tray full of food and juice. “Thank you but you shouldn’t have brought it here. I’m a lady. My mother taught me that a man is the one who needs to be served, not the other way around” she said as she bowed her head in prayer, blessing the food. He watched her intently, as she feasted on her breakfast.

It was the first time he had seen a girl enjoy her food and felt good to watch. She looked at him as if for the first time since she had arrived, their eyes burning into each other. They were lost in a combined spell. Souls colliding, spirits souring. Something deep……….


what do you think is going to happen next?


Published by Kwaksy

I'm a writer and a talker with a bubbly personality. I am a radio personality on DYR105.1

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